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Building your credit ranking back up after bankruptcy proceedings have been discharged is often the most frustrating part of bankruptcy. There are few lenders who are willing to take a chance on someone who has demonstrated their willingness to turn their back on debtors that trusted them for payment. However, there is hope for people in this type of situation. Once your bankruptcy has been discharged, the fastest and easiest to obtain loan that can help you start rebuilding your credit file is a post-bankruptcy car loan.

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Car loans are different than most other types of loans because the car stands good for the loan. Because of this, lenders often consider the car loan to be less risky on their part - which is good news for the newly bankrupt borrower. In this instance, the car or other vehicle that you wish to purchase is considered to be collateral against the loan. And while this goes a long way towards establishing security with the lender, you can also improve your chances of getting the car that you want (and the benefit of rebuilding your credit with a nicely-sized loan) by having some sort of down payment for the car. While having a down payment is not necessarily a requirement to receive funding, it does make you appear to be a borrower who is serious about paying for their purchase.

A down payment of around ten percent is usually sufficient, but the more that you can pay down on the vehicle purchase price, the better. Having a down payment also makes your total loan less, which can have the effect of reducing your interest rate and lowering your monthly payment amount - both of which are in your best interests. Saving for a down payment before the purchase is an ideal way to have an adequate amount to offer the lender when it comes time to make a deal.

Check Your Credit Before Applying

Another important measure to take before applying for your post-bankruptcy car loan is to check your credit report. Many times a person who has just had their debts discharged during bankruptcy is shocked to find out that the proper notations have not been made with the three major credit bureaus - Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. Pull your report with each of these bureaus and check to make sure that the accounts that were discharged during bankruptcy are duly noted. If not, contact the bureau in question and have the situation rectified as soon as possible.

When choosing the car or other vehicle that is right for you, be certain that you never agree to a payment amount that is not within your budget. Although you will have few debts coming out of bankruptcy (depending upon which chapter you file), you must strive to maintain a reasonable budget in order to ensure that you will have enough money to meet your bills and start rebuilding your credit. If you have difficulty determining the best budget for your income, consultation with a financial counselor may be in order.

Online Post-Bankruptcy Car Loans

Online lenders provide a great source of post-bankruptcy car loans. Working with an online lender can actually be the fastest route to putting yourself behind the wheel of your new car, and these lenders offer very competitive rates on this type of loan.

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