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Many Brits find themselves in a fix when they are left with no money. The modern demanding lifestyle leaves them with little option and many are not able to save enough for the rainy days ahead. In such difficult times, they have to opt for borrowing money.

Loans are the traditional tools of financial management. Of course, you have to be little circumspect not to indulge too much in loans. Otherwise, these may prove more of a trouble than a tool for financial management. As a borrower, you have to fulfill two fundamental conditions - you must be a UK resident and eligible to enter into a contract. It means that you must be above 18 years of age.

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A borrower can be a homeowner or a tenant. In the UK, loans can be applied online. Different types of loans UK are available for the borrowers. These loans have different terms and conditions. A loan taken against your home is likely to be more economical than that taken without any security. The former one will also involve flexible loan conditions. These conditions may provide you flexibility in the repayment period and flexibility in the manner of repayment. The rate of interest can be variable, fixed or capped.

The monetary policy committee of the Bank of England fixes base rate of interest. It reviews the rate from time to time. Any change in the base rate would be reflected in the loan take on variable rate of interest. However, if you have taken out a loan on fixed rate of interest then it would remain independent of any change in the base rate of interest, at least for a specified period. In case of capped rate of interest, a ceiling is specified beyond which the rate of interest cannot move. So, when taking out loans UK you should consider the effect of these terms and conditions.

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