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If your credit rating is not too good, resorting to the banks for a personal loan is something that must be thought about twice. This is not because the bank loans are bad options but due to the fact that getting a bad credit bank loan is pretty hard. Banks make sure that they are lending money only to borrowers who have an established credit history with no flaws. Otherwise, you are only going to be wasting time waiting for a loan rejection. Although this might be hard to take for some of you, it is the truth. Fortunately, even with a terrible credit rating, getting a loan is not as tough as you might think. But that is possible only if you are ready to take choices that most people do not. You got to search at the unconventional lending places right from the start instead of applying at banks. By doing this way, you will be able to get financial help in a very short span of time.

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How much can I borrow from private lenders?

As you might know, those who want a huge sum of cash have no option other than to go for a secured loan. But otherwise, you can only get a couple of thousand dollars easily. Do not expect to get a very low annual percentage rate from the lender if you do not provide security. Expecting such a low APR will only be disappointing you as most lenders decide an interest rate only based on the creditworthiness of the borrower. You can, of course, negotiate with the lender and try to get an affordable APR.

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