Loans Are Getting Harder to Get Now With the Credit Crunch and Most People Have to Risk Their Homes

There are a few sites out now that give good deals as long as you're a homeowner. There are even a few comparison sites but all in all most people would prefer to use a company they know rather than one found by another company.

There are many that accept people with low credit scores as most of the risk is dealt with by securing against your house. This is obviously risky and not something to rush into as you can lose your house. Many people say that a risk with a mortgage as well but risking your house on a £100,000 loan is easier to take than losing your house because of a £10,000 loan.

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On the next few pages I have tried to explain a few of the differences on the sites covered. There is no best or worst site as they cater for different people. One site may be easier going with your credit rating but use an higher APR to cover for it. I can't even say that I have used all of these companies. I have used one but that's all and I am going by what other people have told me or what I could find online about each company.

Quite a few of us have a lot of equity in our homes now, especially if you bought over five years ago. The rise in house prices has rocketed but you need to be careful because it seems now as if they have hit a high and the only way is down. If you borrow up to the value and then the prices drop then you could end up with negative equity (your house worth less than you owe on it).

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