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Different people have different needs. This is true even in loans market. People need loans for various reasons. Therefore, lenders in the UK have come up with a variety of loan options. Their loan amount ranges from as little as ₤1000 to hundreds of thousands of pounds. The loan periods also vary from a few days to many years.

Lenders take care of your limitations as well. For instance, they offer loans to homeowners as well as tenants. Usually, homeowners find it easier to get a loan than tenants. To understand this, let's discuss about secured and unsecured loans. Secured loans are the loans that require collateral, i.e. if you own a property; you can put up this property as a security to get a loan. This gives the lender a sense of security since in case you default in the repayment; the lender may repossess the property and recover his money. Unsecured loans do not require collateral. This increases the risk for lenders and therefore, they charge high rates of interest on unsecured loans to compensate for the risk associated with such loans. The property which is offered as collateral is usually a house and this is the reason why lenders are more willing to offer loans to homeowners.

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Unsecured loans are the most suitable for tenants since they do not own a house to put up as a security. Unsecured loans are also ideal for those homeowners who do not wish to offer their property as collateral. Although unsecured loans carry higher rates of interest than secured loans, yet many homeowners prefer unsecured loans to secured loans. This is because, in case of a secured loan, your property may be repossessed by the lender if you default in the repayment of loan as per the loan terms and conditions. Since no collateral is required to be offered to obtain unsecured loans, lenders usually rely on borrowers' credit score to decide whether or not to grant an unsecured loan to them.

Another benefit of unsecured loans is that the time between placing a loan application and getting the loan is very small since there is no need for valuation of any property. Unsecured loans are ideal if you are willing to repay the loan amount in a short period of time.

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